My 2022 Plan (rename me & refer back to me frequently)

My 2022 Plan (rename me & refer back to me frequently)

Congrats! Major e-props for carving out space to reflect & choosing to dance through life with purpose. Now, ⭐  this page, delete this blurb, and type yourself something nice for you to look back on monthly if not weekly. Here's to our best year yet! 🥂

In the new year, I want to be...

Words to embody
Word 1
Word 2
Word 3

The Growth Mindset I’d Like to Develop


When facing...Let's reframe our mindset to...

This Year's Intentions

My Values


This Year's Systems

My Values

Go pro: Reflect back on these values & systems at least once a month. How are you holding up? Has the system stuck? If so, amazing! Keep going, keep growing! If not, how can you iterate your systems? Self-growth is a never ending journey, my friend. 😬 ✌️