Andy Peanuts
Andy Peanuts

Andy Peanuts

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Hi! Here's a photo of me!


In my free time, I love to...

  • Read almost any kind of book (currently reading Harry Potter #4)
  • watch tv, mainly with my sister, and mainly anime (I love Studio Ghibli movies btw)
  • cooking, I love to cook anything. Sometimes on Sundays when my sister and I are bored we just put some videos on Youtube about recipes and when we watch something we can cook at the moment we do it 😄
  • Also sometimes I play the Piano because I want to become a great pianist, I’m still learning
  • Playing with our dogs, I just love them
  • Learning Japanese 🧡

some of my interests include:

  • My Faith (or religion) for me is a lifestyle more than “something to do ocassionally”, yet I really enjoy having friends and talking with people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures
  • Creating. I think I’m a sort of multipotentialite so I have multiple likes and interests, still I feel I have limited myself with all this of “having one passion” so its kinda frustrating
  • Music. I love all type of music. Currently just listening but one day I want to write a complete from scratch
  • Art. I truly belive that Art is the language of our soul.
  • LEARNING. anything, literally, I’m very curious about anything and from everyone. I really enjoy hearing people talk about something they love, so I just love to learn from those around