Hi, I’m Ann! I’m a 27-yr old Industrial Engineering bachelor’s degree holder who’s no longer pursuing a career in the same field. I’m now a freelancer and currently a full-time Operations Coordinator for a BIPOC-owned consulting firm. I’m aiming to narrow down my niche, though. I want to figure out the best way I can serve others and be more fulfilled with the work I’m doing.

Some of my interests include:

  • Eating (and finding hole in the wall restaurants and mom-and-pop shops)
  • Arts (I appreciate both traditional and digital artworks. I even find ways to support my friends and acquaintances in the creative industry, such as buying their products or sharing their work often on my IG stories.)
  • Learning new things (more about health, self-growth, organization, productivity, and creativity)
  • Cleaning, organizing, tidying up
  • I would love to become someone who does the following regularly, though:
  • Journaling and practicing gratitude (to combat my negativity or tendency to focus on what I lack — I’m still learning and unlearning things, please cope with me)
  • Reading
  • Exercising (I enjoy dance workouts. I prefer working out alone, but sometimes wonder how it would be like to have a buddy. When I do join group workouts, I rarely talk to anyone. I just focus on the workout itself.)
  • Applying my learnings

In my free time, I love to...

  • Play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). I actually need to play with something else. I just want to make sure I got some in-game friends/go-to people to make playing a game more worthwhile. I have a few games for my Nintendo Switch, but I haven’t fully utilized them (Ring Fit, Just Dance, Animal Crossing, etc.). If you’re interested in those games, let me know.
  • Tidy up and organize my spaces (physical and digital). There’s something about cleaning and organizing that makes me feel at peace. I don’t/can’t always keep my spaces clean 24/7 💯 but I make sure it doesn’t get messy all-year round.
  • Watch Netflix or YouTube. On Netflix, I prefer watching movies over series because I still need to work on my habits — I binge-watch. I know there’s nothing wrong about a few hours of watching especially when you’re taking you’re well-deserved R&R, but I have the tendency to disregard my sleeping hours.
  • Sleep. It’s either I’m sleeping because I really feel sleepy or because I want to avoid intrusive thoughts, but I know I still have to work on this area, too, because I know that too much sleep is linked to diabetes, heart disease, and other problems. (re: Headspace Guide to Sleep S1:E1)
  • Watch/read content about mindfulness and self-growth. Be it about habits, routines, productivity, mindful consumption, sustainable living or anything that can help improve my wellbeing and mindset, I’ll definitely enjoy it. It calms me down knowing that there’s a way to hack life — that in some way, there are things we can control.
  • Play with our pets. We have 9 🐱 and 1 🐶. We planned on giving away the 2 kittens born last month, March 4th and 5th (Yup, one of them was born hours after the 1st kitten), but my mom recently told me that we’ll keep them. I ended up naming them Maple 🍁 and Waffle 🧇.
  • Listen to music. Imagine life without music. 🎶 It’s been one of the things that helped go through the simplest and most complex experiences in life.
    • Hyping myself up when cleaning
    • Helping myself to sleep
    • Staying focused at work/when studying (not about academics anymore, though)
    • Alleviating negative emotions, etc.
  • Create content for my #passionproject. I enjoy sharing tips and information with my friends and colleagues, and it’s usually about wellbeing, organization and productivity, so I joined USANA last year in the hopes of leveraging its business system and focusing on social media content instead of selling. I just want to learn more about my mind and body, so I can feel better and help others live mindfully, too. Plus, I enjoy using Canva so it’s automatically the main theme of my content creation there.