I am available on Vibely and Instagram. I am a psychology major undergraduate college student, and in my free time, I love to bullet journal, watch TV, listen to music on Spotify, and bake for my family. I also like anime and K-pop specifically groups with rap and heavy beats. I have not gotten into k-dramas but I am interested to start watching them. Also, I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends online and maybe in person if it is possible in the future.

My goal this year is to take better of myself by practicing personal wellness. I usually focus on my academic wellness that I often neglect other parts of my wellness, so I want to balance my school and personal life. I find it difficult to stick with habits since my schedule changes every three months, so consistency of habits goes back and forth of sticking to it and taking a pause after a month then back. That's why I find that I need help with being consistent with my schedule and developing systems to stay consistent in order to achieve my goals having a job by the end of the school year, exercising for one hour everyday, having a 30-minute yoga session everyday, practicing self-care/self-love, expanding my social network, starting journaling, and spending 30 minutes every day for learning Tagalog.

I am happy to help with your goals and help to develop systems for your goals. I enjoy planning things and organization that is why bullet journal and time manage.