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Hi! Here's a photo of me!


In my free time, I love to...

  • read fantasy books
  • paint with acrylic
  • study
  • procastinate haha, but i’m changing
  • talk about life and have deep conversations with people

some of my interests include:

  • develop a better way of living, a system where I can be happier with my life
  • things of self-development, self-improvement & productivity
  • books, art, paint, dance, nature
  • marvel, yoga, exercise muscle
  • God, prayer
  • a lot of things

I speak portuguese and english. I’m 24 years, autistic (Asperger Syndrome). I study medicine, 7° semester, and at the moment i’m recovering from depression, anxyet, panic syndrome and trying to get my life togheter again. I love to descovery new thing, talk about God (i’m Christian). I don’t really have much people to talk about selfcare and productivity like i wanted to, so i’m open to new people.