Mikayla K.

Mikayla K.

This page is designed for your potential partner to get to know you better! Although this is optional, providing more information about yourself will increase your chance of finding a perfect potato partner!

Hi! Here's a photo of me!

In my free time, I love to...

  • Researching anything that let’s me understand human nature, psychology and astrology
  • Watch British series (Sherlock & Doctor Who) + anything animation
  • Discover ways of self expression
  • P R O C A S T I N A T E :)

some of my interests include:

  • Making jokes about my depleting mental health
  • Aesthetics
  • Talk about new discoveries

I’m 23 I should say and a UNI student . (Would be great if you are a UNI student too so we can keep some accountability of assignments)

On keeping me accountable, I feel we can discuss how our weeks or whatever went. I may not have time every week for a deep check in on goals & habits. I can schedule calls for emotional support or when you want to blurt out some random thoughts.

Life is a confusing mess sometimes , so I am your accountable buddy but I’m also your journal if you need.

I will meet you with a sense of firm compassion (cap moon).

I will also like to say I am not exactly soft comfort. If you have lost track , I would like for us to dig to the root of the matter of what happened and what led up to that so we can understand better what needs to take place.