Find My Values & Set Intentions

Find My Values & Set Intentions

If you need help getting in the zone 💡

When you were the most energized & fulfilled...

Who were you with?
  • Were you with yourself, your family, your friends, your significant other, your teammates—even virtually? How were you really feeling?
Where were you?
  • Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, anything-ly
Why did these moments stick out?
  • Was it human connection, keeping in touch with family, putting your mental health first, or finally getting started on that project?

➊ Identify Your Values

Check 3 values that mean the most to you

My Values

Personal growth
Work / Career / School
Mental health
Community / Giving

➋ Prioritize Your Values

Click the blank space under "Ranking" & number your values with 1 = most important. Try your best to rank each value, as clarity of purpose will help you hone in on what is truly most essential

My Values


➌ Reflect On Your Values

Before looking forward, it's helpful to make sense of the past. Over the past year, what was your relationship like with your values? Any pats on backs? Areas of improvement?

My Values


➍ Set Intentions for Your Values

Take your reflections & run with it: What would you like to do more (or less) of in 2022? How would you like to feel (be as detailed as you can)? What would "success" look like?

My Values

Sit with your intentions for a bit, how are you doing friend? Excited? Determined? You can call it a day here, or move onto: 3️⃣Create Systems for the Future