If you missed the challenge from Vibely, you can view it here!

Step 1: Awareness

List out why you might be burning out, think back on the past few weeks or months (or year) and reflect on how much work you've been putting in or where you've been allocating all your energy - write it down

Step 2: Identify Problems & Find Solutions

With the reasons you've listed down, identify problems and solutions for each such as practical steps or mindset habits you can apply in order to resolve these problems :)

Step 3: Do the things

  1. List down things you can do to "Do Nothing" (i.e. nap, stare blankly into space for a few mins, take a walk)
  2. List down things you can do to "Do something" (i.e. consuming intentionally through skillshare, have lunch with a friend, do something creative, starting on your paper)
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