[Example] Week 3: Filled out by Ro

Vibely Prompt:

Share the most important value in your life and why: Spirituality because to do this means to do everything else well. My keystone habit for mental wellness, stillness, and calm; what gives me meaning in my life and everything that I do.

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Video Prompt:

Before getting started on this worksheet, take a moment to review your reflections from Week 1 & 2 to remind of yourself of when you felt the most you. (Click the arrows to expand & fill out)

🤔 When you were the happiest, and most at ease:

What were you doing?
  • Were you spending quality time with loved ones, even if digitally? Were you spending time alone reading, meditating, journaling, going for a walk? Were you slowing down, being present, or exploring the great outdoors? Was it creating work that you love while you were in ~flow~ ? Was it being intentional with anything and everything that you were doing? Was it learning and deepening your knowledge?
Who were you with?
  • Were you with yourself, your family, your friends, your significant other, your teammates—even virtually? Were you at home? Out in nature? How were you really feeling?
Where were you?
  • Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, anything-ly
Why did these moments stick out to you?
  • Was it human connection, keeping in touch with family, putting your mental health first, or finally getting started on that project?

Now that we're in a reflective mood, it's time to discover what's most important to us. 🤓

Identify Your Life Buckets

Pick 4 values that mean the most to you

Health & nutrition
Mental health
Other: ____________
Work / Career / School
Community / Giving
Personal growth

Number Your Values by Priorities

(1 being the most important)

  1. Spirituality
  2. Family (relationships)
  3. Work (creativity)
  4. Community / giving

⭐ Define your Plans

(Click the arrows to expand & fill out)


Why? To do this well means to do everything else well. My keystone habit for mental wellness, stillness, and calm; what gives me meaning in my life and everything that I do

Where was I at the end of 2019?
  • "Finding my purpose & my calling with the help of Dafa. Though Dafa, I was able to find meaning, inner stillness, and calm I have never felt in my life previously. Through Dafa, I was able to commit myself to projects & dreams much, much bigger than myself. First my channel, then BW.....then...? Without Dafa, I would not be who I am today, nor will I be where I am today." (From my Decade in Review at the end of 2019)
  • Learned that physical, mental, and spiritual health (and sanity) are more important than anything I can humanly build in this lifetime (work)
  • Need to be more consistent with meditating and reading
Where am I now at the end of 2020?
  • Faith, cultivation, and the continual betterment and refinement of my being is constant
  • The most inconsistent I've been with reading & meditating within the past few years
  • Honestly not the most happy with my performance this year on this front but as with all things the first step is awareness; now that I'm aware, need to PETAL TO THE METAL
Where would I like to be in 2021?
  • Maintain the level of acceptance, compassion, and empathy I know I'm capable of on a daily basis—not only when I feel like it
  • Do what I know will make me feel grounded and at peace especially when I don't want to do it
  • Reading, meditating, and qi-gong daily (doesn't need to be at 4am like it was back in my pRiMe but throughout the day)


Why? Human connection is essential

Where was I at the end of 2019?
  • Having spent the previous years grinding, I re-discovered the importance and beauty of human relationships
  • Friends are great. Relationships are important. When you invest your time in people, they'll incest their time/love back to you
  • Continue nursing all, old & new
  • Pay it forward, pay back their kindness
Where am I now at the end of 2020?
  • Parents: Relationship has been consistently great these past few years (hasn't always been but story for another time) with little blips along the way when I lose my patience with my mom
  • Friendship: Ironically spent the most time catching up with high school and college friends, and when I say most I meant a few times over the year, but it was a few times more than it’s ever been
  • S/O: I wrote down “meet my person in 2020” and 🙊
Where would I like to be in 2021?
  • Parents: Call & FaceTime them more since I haven't been able to visit home as much; more patience, compassion & empathy when talking to mom
  • Friends: Could reach out more, be more proactive, stop using "I'm not a good texter" as an excuse
  • S/O: Continue to grow together, support each other, healthily lean on each other, and communicate as openly and as honestly as we have


Why? Creating meaningful, positive, and uplifting content to give hope and help others be their best and most productive selves, so that they can find meaning in what is truly essential.

Where was I at the end of 2019?
  • Finally "found" balance after a year of being constantly tired & burnt out
  • What I wrote down:
    • Start a team - I NEED HELP !!!
    • Focus on concepts & ideas that are meaningful and add value, numbers are important but don't let it sway you
    • Start branching off beyond YouTube (Instagram, website, etc)
    • Create a community (Vibely) somehow (from URL —> IRL) to help deepen relationships & connections
    • Start a podcast to also help deepen relationships & connections
    • Continue growing BW: meaningful content, add value beyond product and reviews, more interviews, more DECIEM-like projects
Where am I now at the end of 2020?
  • Even better work/life balance although I tend to still prioritize work over everything else
  • Learning to ask for help and accept help
  • That channel is continuing to grow, almost at 500k! I'm creating content that I'm happy with and proud of
Where would I like to be in 2021?
  • Continue to work smarter not harder, prioritize what's most essential
  • Take on more projects: website, eBook, product that's meaningful and helpful and doesn't exist yet?
  • Create even more types and styles of content for this channel and BW: road to 1M???
  • Learn to delegate better, officially hire a team — spend time to teach others well so I can focus on what's most important (writing, creative, vision)

C O M M U N I T Y / G I V I N G

Why? Loneliness stems from lack of quality and meaningful connections; pay it forward

Where was I at the end of 2019?
  • Hosted BW's first meet-up in Central Park, organized a dinner with fellow creators, attended my first speaking even in Taiwan hosted by Harvard undergrads
    • This was what "community" meant to me
  • The desire has always been there but I didn't have the time or capacity to think about how to bring together a community
Where am I now at the end of 2020?
  • Hosted one meet-up with Columbia's Falun Dafa Club in January before the world shut down
  • Was in a lull for most of 2020 wanting to do something but not knowing how due to lack of capacity, once again
  • On a few panels this year: Glow Summit, AESIC
  • "Community" got a whole new meaning after 'The Art of Being Alone But Not Lonely'
  • Finally got my ducks in a row and launched our Vibely family in December! 🥳
    • It was something I wrote down I wanted to do at the end of 2019 while I was reflecting for the new year
  • Proud & happy that I got it done—there's always room for more / better though 😬
Where would I like to be in 2021?
  • To create better experiences, more value, and useful products for our community & beyond
  • To speak at more panels & events
  • Improvement: Make more time for what's important 😉

⭐ Execute Daily Habits


Why haven’t I been as consistent? Lack of discipline / will power, poor time & energy management, sleeping late leads to waking up late leads to working late into the night leads to “no time”

What are system I can create?
  • Wake up earlier so that you can make time to meditate and read before the day’s craziness, journal regularly not only when my life is seemingly in shambles (look inward, reflect)
How can I turn this into a habit?
  • Wake up early you have to sleep early - how? Be disciplined with myself, tell my S/O I can’t talk too late into the night since we’re in different time zones, create a wind down routine that’s just delightful


Why am I not as proactive with reaching out to friends? Seldom have the capacity after long days / sprints

What are system I can create?
  • Make time, work less, delegate better; write down a list of every single person who made 2020 special for you, look back on it monthly to reach out, say thank you or thinking of you; schedule calls, send them gifts whenever you come across something that reminds you of them, just because
How can I turn this into a habit?
  • Call one friend / month to catch up (may not seem like much but one call usually leads to more texting)


Why do I want to work on more projects & learn to let go? No time to think or dream of new projects, or still attached to my channel?

What are system I can create?
  • Make time, block off time, be more proactive with scheduling meetings that may not bring immediate, short term results, but rather, long term benefits
How can I turn this into a habit?
  • Set aside 2 hours each week to dream and start chipping away at the projects; schedule bi-monthly calls to offload what I know and how I do things to the team so they can help me improve my process


No gaps for community, just dreams. :) Changing it to learning—I want to absorb more but spending too much unconscious time on SM

What are system I can create?
  • Pick up a book when you have 5-10 minutes to kill, use apps like Forest to stay off your phone, set aside 10 minutes a day to read, commit to learning something new every week on platforms like Skillshare, or simply follow your curiosity and google away. Whenever you're wondering, allow yourself time to wonder and then google to find the answer :)
How can I turn this into a habit?
  • Spend 5-10 min learning daily, using the time you would’ve spent on Instagram on a book or a Skillshare course. I already started implementing this today while on the toilet hehe

Now, which habits could you start putting in practice & implementing today? 😇

Congrats on finishing week 3 potaotes! This particular week was a bit dense and required more brain juice than the previous weeks but I hope it was helpful. Check back in on Sat, 12/19 for the next challenge & prompt on creating your self-care toolkit -Ro