Week 1: Celebrate: Small Wins

Week 1: Celebrate: Small Wins

Vibely Prompt

3 Small wins:

1 Big win:

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Video Prompt

3 Things That Went Well This Year:

Go deeper: Why are these important to me? Are there patterns between the three things? (For example, is it human connection? The courage to chase my dreams? Learning to reframe my circumstances? Being grateful for the little things?)

3 Things I Learned:

Go deeper: Why are these things important to me?

3 Things I Overcame:

Go deeper: [Reframing exercise] Identify something challenging from the year—it could be something that did or didn't go well. What did you learn from it?

3 Things I'm Proud Of:

Go deeper: Beyond feeling proud, what other feelings do you feel when you think about these 3 things individually and collectively?

3 Things I did for myself, just because:

Go deeper: What inspired you to do these acts of self-care, and how did you feel after doing them?

Hello sweetest potatoes, congrats on finishing the first week! Check back in on Saturday, 12/5 for the next challenge & prompt on 20 "things" you loved in 2020 -Ro